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BadFox Performance was founded by Artistic Director Amelia Blaine and Elizabeth Colleran in 2016. 

What’s important in our work with BadFox is a sense of comfort. It's easy to become overwhelmed by all the information the world provides us, to shut down and draw inwards. However, these are the times it is most important to come out, to speak, and to try and make changes for the better. BadFox is the place to explore our big fears without shutting down. We explore themes of death, capitalism, identity, and purpose, but most of all, always hope. In the words of Poet Richard Siken;


“Together, we trace out the trail away from doom.”


Our Mandate

BadFox Performance aims to paint a picture of an alternative to the productivity-based society we live in through the arts of theatre, Puppetry, and musical performance. In an effort to reclaim our future, we make art about the worlds we could be living in.


We're interested in exploring atypical theatre forms including puppetry, devising, and movement. We tend towards a surrealist and magical-realist vibe, but that's just because we all need some escapism every once in a while. 

Frozen Pond
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